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The Sun has positive effects on our health. It favors the synthesis of vitamin D, improves circulatory disorders and blood pressure, promotes a positive mood and it is even a part of the treatments for several disorders such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

However, an excessive exposure without the proper protection against UVA and/UVB radiation has also harmful effects on health.

This radiation can cause sunburns and “invisible” damage as well that build up through the years and end up in premature skin aging, generation of free radicals and its associated destruction of collagen and elastin, inflammatory processes in the skin, the suppression of the immune system and a deterioration of ocular health.

10 reasons to use SunISDIN


Sun damage builds up at cellular level, but can be prevented.


Sun damage is the main cause of skin aging.


Ultraviolet radiation causes immunosuppression.


Sunlight damages your eyes.


Experts support the use of supplements to the topical sunscreens.


Preparing your skin for the first UVB/UVA exposures is recommended.


Invisible long-term damage (UVA) goes beyond the visible signs of damage.


Indirect solar radiation does also contribute to premature aging of our skin.


Even on cloudy days, solar radiation can reach our skin and cause cellular damage.


UVA Radiation does not change through the year and does not depend on the season. A daily care is essential.

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