WOMAN ISDIN Vulvar Moisturizer

Moisturizes and relieves vulvar itching

A specific product for the care, protection and hydration of the vulvar epithelium. 




Cosmetic Product



Cosmetic Product


A specific product for the care, protection and hydration of the vulvar epithelium. 



Sustained moisturization

Relief of itching

Strenghtening of the barrier function of the vulvar epithelium

Better defense against external irritants

Does not alter the integrity of the condom

How to use

Apply twice a day, preferably morning and night before going to bed. For external use. 

Gyneacologically and dermatologically tested. Non-sensitizing. 


Keep this product out of reach of children.


Poliglicerilmetacrilato 10%: moisturizing and lubricant

Laureth-9 0,5%: anti-pruritus 

Borage oik 0,5%: improves the epithelium’s elasticity

α-Bisabolol 0,1%: natural anti-inflammatory

Protective polymer 1%: strengthens the barrier of epithelium

Affords relief from vulvar irritation and itching

The vulvar epithelium provides a less effective barrier than the rest of the skin, and is more prone to irritation and dryness. For this reason, to cleanse and moisturise the vulva we need a care product specifically formulated for this area, such as Woman ISDIN Vulvar Moisturiser. 

Woman ISDIN Vulvar Moisturiser is a hydrogel with an intense moisturising effect. It provides a long-lasting barrier effect against irritants and relieves itching caused by irritation and/or dryness from the first application.

Clinical efficacy of Woman ISDIN Vulvar Moisturiser

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