ISDIN Shampoo

Anticaída Lambdapil Champú

Hair-Loss Treatment Shampoo. Helps reduce hair loss. Leaves hair thicker, stronger, and fuller

ISDIN Shampoo

It helps reduce excessive hair loss thanks to its combination of ingredients, while nurturing and strengthening hair, providing thickness, strength, and fullness.


Its exclusive combination of ingredients stimulates the hair follicle and normalises sebaceous secretion, thus helping reduce excessive hair loss and activate hair growth. 

Nurtures and strengthens hair, increasing thickness, strength, and fullness. 

It is especially recommended for men and women who are suffering from excessive hair loss, while its conditioning agents make it perfect for frequent use. 

An ideal complement to the Lambdapil Anti Hair Loss Lotion. Dermatologically tested.

How to apply

Apply to wet hair and gently massage into the hair and the scalp to work up a lather. Rinse with water and repeat this operation with a deep massage, leaving the lather to work for a few minutes. Rinse with water.


Main ingredients: 

 Serenoa repens extract: a vegetable-origin ingredient that helps stimulate the hair follicle, normalising sebaceous secretion.

 Silicone Quaternium-22 and PPG-3 Myristyl Ether: conditions the hair and protects hair fibres.

 Trichogen: A complex with vitamins, amino acids, and bardana and ginseng vegetable extracts, that helps reduce hair loss while stimulating growth. It improves the scalp's seborrhoea, decreasing dandruff and oil, improving shine, flexibility and making styling easier.