Isdin Deo

Ultra 72h Germisdin Roll-on

For excessive perspiration. Reduces perspiration from week one

Isdin Deo

Roll-on 40ml - CN: 3429757


Antiperspirant deodorant ideal for excessive perspiration. Affords effective protection for 72 hours and prevents unpleasant odour. Alcohol-free.


Normalises perspiration and prevents bad odour. A specific product for excessive sweating, thanks to the innovative combination of activated aluminium-zirconium salt and aluminium chlorohydrate. Helps prevent the risk of infection. Can be used daily as it is easily tolerated, thanks to glycine.

How to apply

Apply a layer to dry underarms after washing. Daily use. Application every two days may be advisable in people with very sensitive skin.


Main ingredients:

Aluminium-zirconium salt: Anhydrous antiperspirant that can absorb moisture. It stops the sweat from flowing to the skin’s surface, gradually restoring normal perspiration.
Aluminium chlorohydrate: antiperspirant, regulates perspiration.
Glycine: amino acid with moisturising, antioxidant and regenerating properties.