Isdin Deo

Comfort 24h Ureadin Roll-On

Hydrating and with a dry finish. 24-hour protection.

Isdin Deo

Easy to apply. It provides effective protection for the entire day. With a dry and soft finish, provides moisture to the skin.


Roll-on 24 hour antiperspirant deodorant

Affords effective protection throughout the entire day, with a fresh and soft finish. Easy to apply roll-on presentation.

How to apply

Apply the product on clean and dry skin, extending it throughout the entire underarm.


Main ingredients: 

 Aluminium chlorohydrate: antiperspirant, regulates perspiration.

 Triclosan: deodorant ingredient.

 Urea Isdin: Reduces water loss and helps maintain optimal hydration levels. Improves the barrier action, the immune system and improves the mechanical properties and flexibility of the skin.