Bexident® Sensitive teeth Mouthwash

Helps decrease tooth sensitivity while protecting the enamel.

Combine with Bexident® Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste.

500 ml

Combine with Bexident® Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste.

500 ml

Recommended for daily oral hygiene when sensitive teeth cause discomfort due to gingival retraction, periodontal treatments, worn enamel, professional cleaning and oral treatments. It helps decrease sensitivity caused by contact with external stimuli (hot and cold) thanks to its Dual Desensitizing Tech technology. Cares for gums and offers anti-plaque action. 


How to use

Fill the measuring cup to the marked line (15 ml) and rinse your mouth without diluting, two or three times a day for 1 minute. Try to ensure that the product reaches all areas of the mouth, particularly between the teeth. Do not rinse after use. 

Sensitive teeth could indicate a more serious problem that requires attention by a dentist. If tooth sensitivity persists after four weeks, stop using the product and consult a professional. 



Potassium nitrate 5%
Sodium Fluoride 1450 ppm F-
Alcohol free
Gluten free