Pro-Whitening Tech. Whitens & Cares


The first whitener with Pro-Whitening Tech® which generates a whitening, anti-stains and remineralizing action that strengthens and protects enamel.


Bexident® Blanqueante, thanks to its Pro-Whitening Tech® delivers a whitening and anti-stain action after 7 days of use. Moreover, its remineralizing activity, strengthens and protects the enamel from the first days. It prevents tooth sensitivity associated with the use of professional whitening treatments. The combination of its ingredients produces a triple anti-plaque action that prevents the generation of the oral biofilm, one of the triggers for color alterations. 

How to apply

Fill the measuring glass to the marked line (15ml) .

Use undiluted and rinse three times a day, after every meal, for 1 min.

Do not wash mouth after application. Do not ingest.