AntiPiojos ISDIN

Pediculicide Gel

Get them out of your head once and for all! In 10 minutes and with the maximum efficacy

AntiPiojos ISDIN

Natural treatment that effectively eliminates lice and nits. Very comfortable and easy to use.


Natural treatment formulated with Neemtech, the seed extract of the Neem tree which is extracted using a patented method. Does not contain permethrin, traditional insecticides or silicone. Physical mechanism of action that prevents resistance: covers, immobilises and suffocates lice, causing them to die from asphyxiation and dehydration. Also penetrates in the spiracles destroying nits. Clinically tested under real use conditions.

How to apply

Apply the product liberally onto dry hair and massage for 10 minutes, ensuring that the scalp and hair are completely covered. It is not necessary to cover hair with a cap or a towel. After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Because of its excellent cosmetic properties, an additional hair wash is not needed after application. The treatment guarantees the elimination of lice and nits without having to use a nit comb. However, a nit comb can be used if desired to remove the dead lice and nits after treatment. The correct application of the treatment is key for its efficacy, for this reason it is necessary to follow carefully the product's instructions as well as to respect its application times.


Neem tree seed extract (0.75%).