CalmaBite ISDIN

Post-bite Parches

Alleviates and calms itching

CalmaBite ISDIN

Helps alleviate and calm itching. Keeps from scratching.



Suitable for kids +3 years old and dermatologically tested.

CalmaBite ISDIN Kids Parches Post-Picadura help alleviate the itching and aching sensation caused by insect bites and other external agents.

Its patches create a mechanical effect that prevents from scratching and avoids the consequential  irritation of the affected area.

With natural ingredients such as zanthoxylum and caledula that provide a calming and refreshing effect. Its ingredients alleviate the affected area for up to 8h

30 patches



How to apply

1. Clean and dry the affected area. Detach the patch

2. Apply carefully to the affected area

3. In order to avoid direct contact to the patch, use the lateral flap

4. Keep the patch on until the irritation is over