Betalfatrus, a different nail lacquer With Betalfatrus, strong, healthy and beautiful nails

With Betalfatrus, strong, healthy and beautiful nails

Get healthier, stronger nails

Betalfatrus repairs, strengthens and protects all types of nails, whether damaged or just in need of protection and moisture in order to stay healthy and strong.

Betalfatrus strengthens brittle nails, promoting normal nail growth, improving appearance and reducing cracks.

Betalfatrus is an easy-to-use clear lacquer that dries quickly, developed with an innovative delivery system (Transungual Delivery Technology) and a specific formula to re-mineralise, restructure, moisturize and protect nails.

From 14 days, stronger nails1 Strengthens brittle nails

Improves cracking, grooves and brittleness

Clinical studies have shown that using Betalfatrus once a day reduces brittleness and flaking of nails.

Betalfatrus effectively repairs and strengthens both severely damaged nails and those with just a few cracks.

Improves brittleness in


of users

Nails without cracks or grooves in


of users

After using the product for 14 days, 90% of users saw an improvement in terms of brittleness. And after 28 days of use, 81% of patients noted an improvement in the cracks and grooves in their nails.1

Before treatment

After treatment

Imagine having smoother, more flexible nails

Betalfatrus creates a film for a more even nail surface2.

Plus, this protective layer helps prevent the chemical reaction caused by colour varnish, so you can use it as an undercoat.

Before treatment

After treatment

Why does Betalfatrus work so well?

Its innovative formula and technology allow Betalfatrus to work in even the most difficult cases. Betalfatrus features: Equisetum arvense. Better known as horsetail, a plant extract and a source of organic silica. Silica bonds with carotene in the nails to re-mineralise and restructure them1. Hydroxypropyl chitosan, the foundation of the Transungual Delivery Technology, bonds with carotene, the main component in nails, to create an invisible protective layer against external aggressions and lock in moisture. Source of sulphur. Fosters nail growth because sulphur is an important component of carotene and the proteins that make nails strong and flexible1.

1.Sparavigna A. et al. Equisetum arvense in a new transungual technology improves nail structure and appearance. Journal of Plastic_Dermatology, 2006: 2,1 2.Sparavigna A. et al. Physical and microbiological properties of a new nail protective medical device. Journal of Plastic Dermatology 2008; 4, 1. UExternal use only. Do not apply to broken skin. Do not ingest. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients in Betalfatrus. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Complies with regulations on healthcare products. CPSP16028CAT reference ISD-ALFA-002-02-16. uses cookies to guarantee the best experience for the user. If you continue browsing, we consider did you agree to their use. For more information see our COOKIES POLICY