Isdinceutics A.G.E. Reverse Discover its triple anti-aging action

Isdinceutics Age Reverse


Protects the skin from pollution with Exo-P


Moisturises and remodels the contours of the face with reticulated hyaluronic acid and Syn-Hycan


Slows the formation of AGEs with Carnosine

User's test

Subjective evaluation during 1 month


of users

More moisturized skin


of users

More defined facial oval


of users

Less visible wrinkles


of users

Firmer skin

*Subjective evaluation of acceptability and efficiency in 100 women (35-65 years old) after using the product once a day for 4 weeks. Data on file.

Objective valoration


More remodeled

facial oval

*Live study of the volume of the face, evaluated through FaceScan for 2 months. Data on file.



in skin firmness

*Evaluation of the biomechanical properties using Cutometer for 28 days. Data on file.

Anti-pollution action Your shield against pollution

Protect your skin from pollution with EXO-P, an advanced anti-pollution active ingredient that forms a protective barrier on the surface of your skin.

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How does pollution affect our skin?

Pollution is contamination in the air that generates free radicals that lead to skin oxidation. It is an environmental phenomenon that affects the main urban areas in the world. Vehicle emissions, power plants and cigarette smoke have a negative effect on our skin, oxidating, dehydrating and reducing collagen and elastin levels.

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Anti-glycation action

Anti-glycation science

What is glycation?

Glycation is a physiological process caused by excess glucose that combines with collagen and elastin proteins to trigger the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). This process begins in our 20s and increases each year. Factors like eating habits can speed up glycation levels in our body.

A.G.E.’s damage our collagen, causing it to lose firmness and making it unable to hold up our skin.

How can I fight glycation?

A.G.E. Reverse contains carnosine, an anti-glycation active ingredient that bonds with glucose molecules to prevent them from bonding with collagen fibres, thus reducing protein glycation.

Carnosine slows the formation of advanced glycation end-products, maintaining collagen and elastin function, and giving skin back its natural elasticity and firmness.

skin drops

Create your own BB Cream with A.G.E. Reverse

It’s easy! Mix a drop of Skin Drops with your regular amount of A.G.E. Reverse for the face to create your BB Cream. Apply this new BB Cream to your face and neck for the perfect combination of anti-wrinkle treatment and correcting makeup.

A.G.E. Reverse in your facial routine

First of all, clean your face to get rid of any makeup or grime from the day. Once your face is clean and dry, we recommend applying an intensive treatment like Flavo-C or Flavo-C Ultraglican and, once it has been absorbed properly, applying A.G.E. Reverse. uses cookies to guarantee the best experience for the user. If you continue browsing, we consider did you agree to their use. For more information see our COOKIES POLICY