The scalp is different from other types of skin, the tissue there is thin and fragile. It is also highly vascularised, which is necessary for supplying nutrients to the hair follicles for proper development and growth of the hair, but which in turn makes the scalp more susceptible to inflammation. Scalp irritation can trigger hair loss, which can cause the new hair growth to be finer and more fragile, and also trigger the onset of dandruff and itching. The main causes of scalp sensitivity are excess sebum, changes in weather, chemical products and allergies.


Daylisdin Ultra Suave Frequent Use Shampoo

ISDIN Shampoo Ultra Suave Daylisdin is a daily use shampoo for all hair types, even fragile and delicate.

Deep cleans and respects the hair and scalp. Leaves hair visibly healthier, softer and shinier.

Healthy hair without itching

We have put together a series of tips to avoid possible scalp irritation

Stay hydrated

Watch your diet

Rinse out foam

Avoid covering the hair

Use a soft brush

Beware of high temperatures

Maintain good hygiene

Use a mild shampoo

Try to avoid stress