Bath Gel

Hygiene is a part of our daily routine, contributing to our health, welfare and comfort. Keeping our skin clean allows it to function normally, eliminating dirt, secretions and contaminants, and helping to restore and maintain the skin flora balance.

Germisdin Original
Soap-free Bath Gel
Normal Skin

Soap-free Bath Gel with antiseptics, protects the skin's lipid layer, to maintain the skin barrier function and prevent the spread of bacteria.
Smooth texture, rinses easily.
Dermatologically tested, ideal for delicate skin.

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Germisdin Aloe Vera
Soap-free Bath Gel
Dry or irritable skin.

Soap-free bath gel with antiseptic agents, to cleanse, moisturise and relieve itching, thanks to the moisturising action of Aloe Vera and the soothing action of polydocanol (laureth-9).
Extra smooth texture, rinses easily.
Dermatologically tested, ideal for delicate skin.

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Tips for optimum personal hygiene


Don't spend too long in the shower

Your daily shower should not last more than 10 minutes. Any more and the skin begins to lose moisture.


Not too hot, not too cold

Shower water should be warm, close to body temperature. At higher temperatures the protective barrier is damaged, reducing the skin's natural defences.


Hypo-allergenic soap

Use a hypo-allergenic, syndet type soap. Syndet soaps contain no synthetic detergents and help to protect the skin and physiological pH.


Dry off immediately

Dry off as soon as you step out of the shower. If you wait any longer, the water begins to evaporates; this may lead to dryness of the skin.



Use a moisturiser. Your pores are still open and you have eliminated dead cells and impurities. This is when moisturising is most effective. uses cookies to guarantee the best experience for the user. If you continue browsing, we consider did you agree to their use. For more information see our COOKIES POLICY