Excessive perspiration

3% of people sweat even when the body does not need to cool down or suffer from excessive perspiration caused by a disproportionate response of the autonomic nervous system. This reaction, known as hyperhidrosis, occurs mainly under the arms and on the palms, soles and face.

Germisdin **Ultra 72h**


Daily antiperspirant that reduces excessive perspiration, helping to reduce bad odours and the risk of infection.
Effective 72-hour protection against bad odours and perspiration.
Does not contain alcohol.
Dermatologically tested. Non-sensitising.

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Eficacia demostrada en personas con hiperhidrosis:



perspiration by half


Longer lasting




skin tolerability

*Antiperspirant Efficacy Test (Germisdin Hh 72h vs Aluminium chloride). Study 07.0309-35. (Germany), 2007. Data on file.

Tips for avoiding hyperhidrosis


Cut out spicy food

The capsaicin in spicy food activates heat receptors in your body. This simulates increased body temperature, triggering perspiration mechanisms.


Keep your weight down

Being overweight means you need more effort to perform physical activity. This, along with skin disruptions and excess fat may alter the functioning of the sweat glands.


Drink water

Drinking less water does not reduce perspiration and, as perspiration is 95% water, may lead to dehydration.


Wear the right clothes

Wear loose clothing in natural fibres such as cotton and linen, particularly around the arms and shoulders. This will help to reduce unsightly sweat marks.


Bodily hygiene

Use soap-free products and specific antiperspirants in your daily hygiene routine.