Baby's first teeth Did you know that teething can cause nappy irritation?

Nutraisdin first teeth

Nutraisdin first teeth

Nappy rash can often be connected to baby’s first teeth.

55% of infants seen by doctors for nappy rash are teething. This is due to the fact that, along with their first teeth, babies start to salivate more and the pH of their saliva is more acidic. When it reaches the digestive system, it passes into the stool, which also becomes more acidic. This can lead to the redness and irritation known as nappy rash.

On the other hand, the excess saliva produced through drooling in this period, along with chafing from a dummy, can damage baby’s perioral area. This often leads to irritation of the area.

Nutraisdin First Teeth & Perioral Care for gums and area around mouth during teething

Nutraisdin first Teeth gel gingival

Nutraisdin First Teeth Cares for and protects gums

Gum gel, refreshing and pleasant tasting to help soothe pain associated with teething. Sticks to gums for rolonged effect. Contains no alcohol or sugar.

Nutraisdin Perioral

Nutraisdin Perioral Protects and repairs the perioral area

Specific protection and repair of the area around baby’s mouth, nose and lips affected by dribbling, dummy irritation, runny nose, colds and/or severe weather conditions. Soothes and repairs skin.

Nutraisdin ZN40

Nutraisdin ZN40

Teething can lead to nappy redness and irritation.

To prevent rashes while teething, your baby needs extra protection.

Nutraisdin ZN40, with a high zinc-oxide content, gives baby’s skin the protection it needs while helping soothe any irritation that may have already appeared.