Your baby's skin Delicate, fragile, permeable skin

Your baby’s skin is more delicate, more fragile and more permeable than an adult’s. This difference makes a baby’s skin more susceptible to infections and irritation. It also means it is less prepared to protect itself from drying, dehydration and irritating environmental factors. So, as skin matures over the first years of life, in order for it to function properly as a protective barrier, it is very important to learn how to care for it.

Compared to adult skin, a baby’s skin is:




nearly neutral

Less hair, the connection between layers is weaker

Greater loss of heat and water

Not as able to protect itself

Advice for protecting your baby's skin


In order to maintain the hydro-lipid layer, you have to apply moisturiser daily, preferably after a bath.

It is important to use products that are designed specifically for a baby’s skin.

Products containing Dexpantenol (provitamin B5) are recommended, as they provide protection, gentle care and prevent dehydration.

Plus, as the skin on baby’s face is exposed to the cold, wind and particularly dribble, it needs not only protection but also care to help regenerate the skin surface.


It is important to keep skin clean, so you should bathe baby every day.

In general, baths before dinner help baby relax and get to sleep.

Bath gels containing Dexpantenol (provitamin B5) are recommended, as they provide protection, gentle care and prevent dehydration.


Children under 2 years of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Proper clothing, hats and sunshades are recommended to protect baby’s skin.

Ideally, mineral-based physical filters in easily absorbed liquid formulas should be used.

Welcome to the adventure of being a mum!

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