CalmaBite ISDIN Alleviate the irritation respecting the skin of the whole family

After an insect’s sting or bite, our skin reacts swelling up and feeling itchy. In some cases, especially when it comes to children, resisting the urge to scratch it becomes inevitable. This process can end up in wounds and infections that are a risk to our health. To avoid them and calm our irritated skin, we have the the CalmaBite line which will be on our side.

Antimosquitos ISDIN Post-bite Patches

CalmaBite ISDIN Kids Post-bite Patches

The new CalmaBite ISDIN Kids Parches Post-Picaduras with natural ingredients help relieve from the sensation of irritation and discomfort caused by the bite of insects and some other external agents. These patches create a mechanical barrier to avoid scratching and, therefore, more irritation. 30 patches. 8 hours of effect. Suitable for kids +3 years old. Dermatologically tested.

Antimosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics Repelente de insectos infantil

CalmaBite ISDIN Calms and relieves skin after the irritations caused by insects

CalmaBite ISDIN calms and repairs skins irritated by the action of insects with an immediate and refreshing feeling of relief

Offers a roll-on tip that makes its application easy and quick and gets absorbed right away. Its exclusive formula presents natural ingredients that make it ideal for kids and sensitive skins.

8h hours of continuous effect


Insect repellent

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