Protect our home, heal our Sea

The sea is our source of joy. It’s helped to inspire our innovative formulas. And we aim to make these products part of the solution. We're taking steps towards reducing our environmental impact, regenerating marine biodiversity, and protecting and restoring Mediterranean habitats, one sunscreen at a time.
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image A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

Seagrasses, with their incredible ability to store carbon emissions, are known as “the lungs of the sea”. And one of most ancient seagrass meadows lies in the Mediterranean. We work to replant & recover this vital part of marine biodiversity.
image What can’t be reused can be reimagined

Our commitment to reducing our impact

image Here & now

Here & now

For each of our bestselling Fusion Water MAGIC sunscreens sold worldwide in 2023, we’ll remove its weight in plastic from the Mediterranean Sea.
image The road ahead

The road ahead

Although we still have a ways to go, currently, 31% of our products sold globally have eco-designed packaging.