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2030 Agenda

Agenda 2030

Discover our commitment to sustainable social & environmental impact.

Our roadmap to positive change

Your skin, our planet. These are the factors we consider in every decision we make. But with great commitment comes great responsibility. We’ve broken down our ambitions into measurable goals for reducing emissions and waste, marking a decade of steps toward sustainability. And we encourage you to join the force for good.

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What is B Corp?

B Corp certification, awarded by the non-profit B Lab, recognizes companies committed to transparent, responsible & sustainable business practices. ISDIN is one of 6,000 Certified B Corporations worldwide, reflecting our dedication to wellness and responsible practices for our employees, customers & environment.

Our 2030 goals

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Respectful products

  • Eco-design over 95% of our packaging
  • Use a minimum of 25% recycled materials
  • Ensure all of our raw materials are certified with the highest social & environmental criteria
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Zero waste

  • Achieve carbon neutrality (offset)
  • Reduce our direct carbon emissions by 50%
  • Transform our production facilities into zero-waste sites

Be a force for good

  • Donate 1% of our sales directly to the community via skincare-related initiatives
  • Become the benchmark in fighting skin cancer
  • Ensure that our key suppliers comply with the highest social & environmental criteria
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