Active protection that blends with the skin

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial Cream

Eczema Severity Score evolution

Nutratopic Pro-AMP facial reduces the ESS by 85% vs 50% with a standard emollient cream

The ESS Eczema Severity Score measures the severity of an outbreak, according to erythema, thickness, itching and lichenification of the skin. Evaluation from 0 (none) to 3 (severe).

Study characteristics N=107, mean age 5-6 years, Randomised, Multicentre, blind. *Study published in MINERVA PEDIATR 2014, VOL. 66; M. PUVIANI (Unit of Dermatology and Surgical Dermatology Sassuolo Hospital, Sassuolo, Modena, Italy), F. AGOSTINIS (Center of Dermatology, Bergamo, Italy), M. MILANI (Direzione Medica ISDIN Italia).

When a picture is worth a thousand words

Deeply hydrates and fights the signs of facial atopic dermatitis. 83% of patients treated experienced a significant reduction of associated symptoms.


Before using Nutratopic Pro-AMP facial cream


After using Nutratopic Pro-AMP facial cream

Helps to reduce visible symptoms in just 28 days

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial Cream with L-isoleucine provides deep hydration and helps to reduce itchiness and inflammation. It reduces the main visible signs of facial atopic dermatitis in less than one month: itchiness, dryness, flaking, erythema and skin oedema.

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