Nutratopic Pro-AMP emollient bath gel Hygiene and protection without irritation

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Gel de baño emoliente

Use of specific soap-free products with minimal degreasing agents and a neutral pH, are particularly important in looking after atopic skin as they allow itch-free daily cleansing.

The Nutratopic Emollient Bath Gel formula, rich in essential oils (18%), is especially designed not to damage the skin’s barrier function and to prevent dry skin. For daily hygiene with no irritation or itchiness.

Improves skin hydration and smoothness without altering its pH

In a study of 30 volunteers with a history of mild atopic dermatitis or in remission, we assessed clinical safety, hydration and smoothness after the daily use of a specific syndet for atopic dermatitis (Nutratopic Bath Gel).


and hydrates

Softens and

smooths skin


pH levels

The importance of good hygiene with specific products

“Hygiene is important and combating staphylococcus is important, but with products that do not irritate the skin. The ideal product must have an appropriate pH, not contain substances with a high risk of allergenicity, ideally emollient agents…” Eulalia Baselga, MD - Dermatologist Head of Clinical Dermatology Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Nutratopic PRO-AMP Emollient Lotion Emollience: hydration + protection

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollience hydration and protection lotion

Part of daily routine

It is important to moisturise the entire body after your daily bath. Emollient body lotion enables the product to be easily applied gently all over the body.

Why is it so important in atopic dermatitis?

It’s more than just moisturisation: it’s moisturisation + protection. It helps the skin recover its protective barrier function. It smoothes and protects the skin as well as effectively controlling inflammation and eczema. uses its own and third-party cookies for its operation, to maintain the session and personalize the user experience, as well as to obtain anonymous statistics of use of the web. For more information about cookies used check our COOKIES POLICY