Atopic skin A lifelong condition

Atopic dermatitis has a significant impact on people’s lives. It affects sleep, alters family dynamics, generates anxiety.

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Body care

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Body Care

Daily hygiene and protection for better control Hygiene and hydration are key in atopic dermatitis. ISDIN presents a bath gel and lotion for daily control and treatment. It provides emollience, helps to relieve itching and prevents bacterial adhesion.

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Cream for specific areas

Cream for specific areas

Active protection. The injured areas of atopic skin, such as folds, the areas where the arms and legs bend, the chest or the neck, need continued daily care and control to prevent new outbreaks and to lengthen the period of remission.

Nutratopic Pro-AMP facial

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial

Gentle protection and repair for your baby Facial skin is more exposed and fragile. Nutratopic Pro-AMP reinforces the skin’s innate immune system, protects it against external irritation and restores the skin barrier. uses its own and third-party cookies for its operation, to maintain the session and personalize the user experience, as well as to obtain anonymous statistics of use of the web. For more information about cookies used check our COOKIES POLICY